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A number of individuals, organisations and businesses across the ACT and region have supported the work of Beryl Women Inc. through donations, grants and in-kind support. We thank them and celebrate their spirit of community, support and generosity.



Grants in 2017-18

Beryl Women Inc. regularly applies for & wins grants from various sources to enable us to complete extra projects, renew equipment and provide more opportunities for women and children using the service. In the 2017-18 financial year Beryl has won the following grants:


Hands Across Canberra Project Support

Project: Digital Upgrades

This much needed grant from Hands Across Canberra allowed Beryl to upgrade our digital hardware & software environments. With the help of Symmetry IT we have achieved an operating environment that has improved the efficiency of staff, improved client access to computers, and ensured that in any event causing a loss of data or compromising our security, we will not be down for long - our IT systems are now as resilient as our staff and clients are!


St George Foundation Grant

Project: Child and youth activity support

This fantastic grant is funding an extra element to our existing child & youth programs. We have been able to supply every single child in the service a small pool of funding for an activity of their choice, from sports fees & equipment to art classes & supplies. It's also allowed us to purchase new playground equipment, toys & educational supplies for use within the service.


Commonwealth Bank Grassroots Grant

Project: Tech backpacks

Ongoing for 3 years, this grant will purchase all necessary computers, internet & equipment that our children & young people need for school. We anticipate this will support hundreds of children & young people to keep up with their peers and provide a better platform for future success in their lives.


ACT Women's Participation Grant

Project: Link to independence

Received via the ACT Office for Women, this grant has enabled the service to provide funding to women and adult children in the service to get their driver's licence including all costs to get their L's, driving lessons and getting their P's. This is an extremely empowering and useful opportunity for our clients.


Community Support & Infrastructure Grant

Project: Telephone system upgrade

 This grant allowed Beryl Women Inc to finally upgrade and update our 20+ year old Commander system with a VOIP-ready, digitised system. We are now NBN-Ready!


Community Participation (Digital Communities) Grant

Project: DTV antennas

With this grant we purchased & installed rooftop DTV antennas at our shared accommodation spaces to allow our clients access to reliable reception of television, particularly the ABC and SBS. Both of those channels are very useful for our clients, and we did not receive a good signal prior to this. It also means our clients are able to participate in something that most people take for granted.


Other Ongoing Supporters




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PHONE [02] 6230 6900
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